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Cron Invest LTD is young and ambitious company. We have professional Forex and Crypto traders in our team with an experience of 3 to 8 years. We are successfully moving forward and invite you to join our team!
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About our team and investment platform

Cron Invest LTD is young and ambitious company. We have professional Forex and Crypto traders in our team with an experience of 3 to 8 years. We are successfully moving forward and invite you to join our team!

Our team was formed in early 2019. Throughout 2019, we worked about our platform for automatic investment and at the end of the year presented it to external investors. Our team consists of 17 people, including 5 crypto traders, 7 forex traders and binary options traders, 2 programmers and 3 system administrators. We are all working to effectively track changes in the cryptocurrency and forex markets, and as a result, we are working to improve our automated software products for trading on exchanges.

Founders of Cron Invest LTD are Thomas Ellongton, Amelie Harris and Victor Oleiko. All our traders have a financial education and know what financial literacy is not by hearsay. The experience of our traders is of 3 to 8 years.

We are constantly working on the development of our platform and invite you to take part in this!

Thomas EllongtonThomas Ellongton, UK
8 years experience
in Forex trading
Amelie HarrisAmelie Harris, UK
3 years experience
in Crypto trading
Victor OleikoVictor Oleiko, BY
5 years experience
in Crypto trading

Make new deposit without registration now!

Making a deposit on our platform and start making money is very simple! Indicate the investment plan that interests you, your e-mail for feedback and the amount of the deposit.

Step 1. Choose investment plan:

Percent and period:Min, per deposit:Max, per deposit:Fee, per deposit:
top5% daily for 40 days10 USD15,000 USDChoose
fee7% daily for 40 days15,000 USD25,000 USD1,500 USDChoose
fee9% daily for 40 days25,000 USD50,000 USD3,000 USDChoose
fee12% daily for 40 days50,000 USD100,000 USD5,000 USDChoose
2895% after 90 days100 USD2,500 USDChoose
2495% after 80 days100 USD2,500 USDChoose
2095% after 70 days150 USD5,000 USDChoose
1850% after 60 days150 USD5,000 USDChoose
top 1550% after 50 days200 USD10,000 USDChoose
1250% after 40 days200 USD10,000 USDChoose
1150% after 35 days350 USD15,000 USDChoose
850% after 30 days550 USD15,000 USDChoose
fee695% after 7 days25,000 USD50,000 USD1,500 USDChoose
fee495% after 5 days50,000 USD75,000 USD1,500 USDChoose
fee295% after 3 days75,000 USD100,000 USD1,500 USDChoose

Step 2. Specify your data in form:


About Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum - you need to specify your crypto address for auto payouts by your crypto deposit.

About Payeer, PerfectMoney - your wallet for auto payouts will be received automatically from Payeer, PerfectMoney payment systems after paying the deposit. For security reasons, we make payouts only to the wallet from which deposit was made.

Earn without investments with our referral program

If you are not ready to invest personal funds, but know those who are interested in investing, then we have a wonderful offer for you! Complete simple registration in our referral program and earn 7% from each deposit that will be made by your link.

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Ask your question here

If you have any problems while working with our platform, then we will always be happy to help you. Ask your question and we will try to answer it as soon as possible!

Frequently asked questions

1. How to make a deposit?

Making a deposit is very simple! Choose desired investment plan, specify deposit amount and your e-mail for feedback. Wallet for payouts will be received automatically from the payment systems (Payeer, PerfectMoney) during the deposit was made. For security reasons, payments are made only to the wallet from which the deposit was made.

2. How many deposits can I make?

You can make an unlimited number of deposits on any of the investment plans presented.

3. What is the minimum and maximum deposit amount?

The minimum and maximum deposit amount is determined by the specific investment plan. The minimum possible deposit on our platform is $10

4. What payment systems are available?

Currently available payment systems such as Payeer, PerfectMoney. In the near future it is planned to add payment systems as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

5. How can I get Payeer, PerfectMoney wallet?

You can create wallet for free on the official website Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

6. On what days are payouts and accruals made?

Payouts and accruals are made on business days from Monday to Friday at 10:00 Am, UTC +0.

7. How to get payouts?

Payouts are made automatically from Monday to Friday at 10:00 Am, UTC +0 to the wallet from which the deposit was made.

8. How to register on the site?

Registration on the site is necessary only for participation in the referral program. To make a deposit registration is not required!

Terms and Conditions

1. General provisions

1.1 The Terms and Conditions for the provision of Investment services and use of the Company’s Website (hereinafter the “Terms”) regulate the process of interaction between CRON INVEST LIMITED (hereinafter the “Company”) and an individual who has reached the age of majority under the laws of his country (hereinafter the “Customer”) who has been registered on the Company’s website (hereinafter the “Website”).

1.2 The Company provides information consulting services through interactive interaction between the Customer and the Company (hereinafter “Parties”, “Party”) on the platform of the Company’s Website.

1.3 The Customer shall use all opportunities provided by the Website to cooperate with the Company and invest voluntarily.

2. Rules of Participation

2.1 In order to become a Customer of the Company, a member must register on the Company’s Website by completing the relevant registration form.

2.2 The registered Customer shall have the right to invest and profit from the invested funds.

2.3 The Customer shall be entitled to the full assistance and support of the Company and may always seek such assistance and support from the Customer support of the Company.

2.4 The Customer has the right to create an unlimited number of Personal Accounts on the Company’s Website.

2.5 The Company undertakes to provide the Customer with a workable Website for all necessary investment actions.

2.6 The Customer shall have the right not to use the Know Your Customer (KYC) program, as the Company respects the basic principles of confidentiality and will not require verification of Personal Accounts.

3. Investment

3.1 The Customer shall invest voluntarily on an investment offer chosen by the Customer. The Investment offer may be selected solely from those provided by the Company at the time of the Customer’s decision to invest.

3.2 The Company shall pay interest on all investment offers offered by it for investment, ensuring a return within and in accordance with each investment plan.

3.3 The Customer shall have the right to create investments for all investment offers of the Company without exception.

3.4 The Customer has the right to make several investments using the same investment offer without limiting the number of such investments.

3.5 The Customer shall have the right to use any electronic payment systems available for investment in the Company without limitation.

4. Funds withdrawal

4.1 The Customer has the right to withdraw to his wallets the amount available on the account balance at any time.

4.2 Rules of the funds payment: instant payments, but with the right to perform random checks of the payment requests of funds with delay not more than 24 hours.

4.3 In the process of funds withdrawal the Customer has the right to use any electronic payment systems available for withdrawal in the Company, without limitation.

4.4 There is no fee to withdraw funds.

4.5 There is no fee for top up services or any other financial transactions.

4.6 Withdrawal of an invested amount is available at the end of an investment plan, or the invested amount is included in daily accruals.

4.7 Partner rewards is available using the same fine paid systems that have been used for investment by the respective Customer referrals.

4.8 The withdrawal of referral reward is performs according to the same rules and regulations as the funds withdrawal accrued under the created investments.

5. Partnership

5.1 Each Customer shall be entitled to take advantage of the Company’s partnership program.

5.2 In order to fully utilize the partnership program, the Customer is not obliged to have its own investment in the Company.

5.3 The Customer shall be entitled to use his or her referral link to promote the Company’s products as well as to promote his or her link to new members.

5.4 The Customer undertakes to observe the rules of Internet use and not to abuse spam technologies.

5.5 The Customer shall be entitled to use the accrued partner fee as an additional deposit in the Company.

6. Personal Account

6.1 Each registered Customer receives Personal Account

6.2 The Company shall keep data about Personal Accounts of any Customer in an environment of strict confidentiality and non-availability to third parties.

6.3 The Customer undertakes to store the authorization data (login and password) in an inaccessible and secure place excluding access to these third party data.

6.4 The Company undertakes to provide the Customer with the Personal Account with all the tools necessary for investment, withdrawal of funds, personal data editing, check of the status of the reference structure, statistical control and access to the Company’s customer support.

6.5 The Customer shall not publicly disclose its authorization data.

7. Notices

7.1 The Company reserves the right to use the data provided by the Customer during registration to send out notifications of updates, new services and/or products of the Company and to carry out other activities that are directly related to the process of interaction between the Parties and which are aimed at improving and optimizing the investment process and generating additional profit.

7.2 The Company has the right to send text notifications in cases when the Customer makes some changes and/or additions in his Personal Account.

7.3 The Company does not use spam technology under any circumstances.

8. Dispute resolution

8.1 Any dispute that may arise between the Parties shall be resolved solely by negotiation, as we believe that there are no issues that the Parties cannot resolve in a collegial manner and with mutual interests.

8.2 All disputes shall be resolved solely with the resulting component which takes into account the interests of both the Company and the Customer.

9. Guarantees

9.1 The Company guarantees the stated return on all its investment offers without exception.

9.2 The Company guarantees payment of both deposits and refunds under the above payment rules.

9.3 The Company guarantees the best possible success of its trading operations by providing each customer with a profit based on risk-free trading strategies.

9.4 The Company guarantees payment of the invested amount within the terms of each particular investment offer.

10. Other provisions

10.1 Upon registration, the Customer shall provide only up-to-date personal data.

10.2 The Company shall comply with these Terms and consider cooperation with each of its Customers as a private transaction.

10.3 The Customer shall comply with these Terms and consider cooperation with the Company as a private transaction.

10.4 The Company may amend and/or supplement these Terms.

10.5 The Customer confirms that it agrees to monitor any changes and/or additions in these Terms on his own.

10.6 In cases when the Company cannot provide the Customer with a workable Website for reasons beyond the Company’s control, this delay in the provision of services shall be considered force majeure circumstances and the provision of services shall be resumed in full as soon as such circumstances cease to affect both the Website’s operability and all its auxiliary systems.

10.7 Under no circumstances shall the Company transfer the personal data of the Customer to third parties, state organizations, law enforcement agencies and other supervisory and supervisory structures. Even on demand. This is not possible in principle because the Company values each of its investors and is not (and cannot be a priori) a witness, plaintiff or defendant to any question and/or incident that may even theoretically arise in the process of investment cooperation.

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